Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation allows women to even out a difference in breast size, increase the size of the breasts, and/or correct a reduction after pregnancy.

Why should I pick Dr. Michael Desvigne for my Breast Augmentation?

By far an away, breast augmentation is the most common procedure preformed at our office. Our nurses, surgeons, medical assistants, surgical technicians, and cosmetic coordinators know breast augmentation backwards and forwards. We’ve seen every type of implant, are familiar with ever technique, and have the most extensive and up to date training possible.

Dr. Michael Desvigne is a board certified plastic surgeon with a full, highly qualified and experienced surgical team. We are always available, have extraordinary experience to answer your questions accurately and compassionately. After your procedure, we’ll continue to provide you security, care, and expert advice as we educate your caregiver and follow up with you in the days and weeks following your procedure.

At CoolBody Contours, we are proud to be one of the busiest and best priced breast implant practices in Arizona.

What’s my Breast Augmentation Consultation like at CoolBody Contours?

Most patients find their breast augmentation consultation at CoolBody Contours fun and informative. You are welcome to bring a guest and touch and feel the different implants on the market. Our fitting bra can estimate how different shapes and sizes of implants might look after your procedure. During the initial consultation, we will take precise measurements of your body to determine the ideal width of the implant that your body can accept. One of the most essential measurements to determine a breast implant is base width. The height and projection are also factors in determining the correct implant for your body and goals.

A detailed medical history is reviewed by the doctor before he or she recommends the type of implant for your body. Of course, your input, goals, and sometimes budget are all important considerations for the doctor’s implant choice. During your consultation, you will meet with the cosmetic coordinator, nursing staff, and the board certified plastic surgeon that will be performing your surgery. There is no charge for our cosmetic consult. If you’ve had breast surgery before, let us know as there may be a fee.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Breast Augmentations are performed as an outpatient procedure. There are three incision locations: through the areola (periareolar), through the underarm (transaxillary), or underneath the breast (inframammory). For the vast majority of women, they will decide between two types of implants : saline and gel. There are other types of implants such as highly cohesive saline implants and stem cell fat transfer breast augmentation, but most people want saline or gel (silicone) implants so chances are you will too.

What are the steps of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

If saline implants are chosen, then the implants will be filled to the chosen size. Once the incision area has been decided, the surgeon will create a pocket in which the implant will be placed. A pocket will be created either under the breast tissue (subglandular) or under the chest wall muscle (subpectoral). The implant is then securely positioned in the pocket, filled to the desired size and small sutures are used to close the incision.

What to Expect During the Recovery Period

Post-operatively it is common to feel tired and sore. A zip-up sports bra is recommended to wear post-operatively because it prevents the breasts from dropping, allowing them to stay in place, due to the creation of the pocket. Anti-nausea medication is prescribed, as well as a sleeping aid for the discomfort. The breasts will be swollen and can take up to five weeks to subside. Ten days after surgery, the sutures will be removed.

We look forward to seeing you at CoolBody Contours! Please call our office for more details on how to schedule a consultation.

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