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Do you have belly fat that won’t budge no matter how much you exercise? When burning fat isn’t effective, it may be time to freeze it instead. The CoolSculpting treatment is non-surgical, no downtime, no needles. It is no substitute for the gym, but — unlike exercise — it can spot-reduce fat on the abdomen, flanks, hips and thighs, and most recently under the chin. On average CoolSculpting eliminates 20-30% of fat and its gone for good.

Personalization and Precision

CoolBody Contours is a certified CoolSculpting provider located in Camelback Tower, adjacent to Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. All CoolBody Contours practitioners who administer the treatment have qualifications above and beyond the required CoolSculpting certification including formal healthcare or medical training.

CoolBody Contours is equipped to meet clients’ goals more efficiently and effectively. Using the most advanced CoolSculpting equipment on the market, practitioners blend art and science to custom contour each client’s unique anatomy. Not all providers have the full array of cooling applicators, but CoolBody Contours practitioners use them routinely for precise work on all manner of problem areas including hard-to-reach and nonpinchable fat pockets.

After customizing your treatment plan, the practitioner positions the device on your body and controlled cooling is applied to gently and effectively target the fat cells beneath the skin. The treated fat cells become crystallized (frozen) and then die. Over time, your body naturally eliminates the dead cells. Once the fat cells are gone, they are gone for good.

Each treatment takes just one hour, and there is no downtime so you can fit an appointment into your lunch break, return to work and be back in the gym the same evening.

Why choose CoolBody Contours?

  • CoolBody Contours operates in a clinical setting under the supervision of a highly experienced board certified plastic surgeon, Michael N. Desvigne, MD, FACS
  • CoolBody provides a specialized focus on CoolSculpting treatments endows practitioners with technical and artistic mastery.
  • CoolBody Contours acquires the newest CoolSculpting technology and adopts the latest techniques as they come on the market, including the DualSculpting method using two machines at once to reduce treatment time by half. CoolBody Contours is one of the only certified CoolSculpting providers offering the NEW CoolMini applicator for eliminating fat under the chin.
  • If clients are interested in additional procedures to enhance their appearance or if it is determined that CoolSculpting treatments cannot deliver their desired transformation, they have ready access to CoolBody Contours’ medical director, Dr. Michael Desvigne, to discuss surgical options.
  • CoolBody Contours is the only CoolSculpting provider to elevate the treatment to an art as well as a science by entrusting the technology exclusively to highly trained health professionals whose knowledge of anatomy allows for custom body contouring.
CoolBody Contours because no BODY is perfect


6900 E Camelback Rd #900, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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