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InstaLift™ Gets Great Reviews On Good Morning America

Dr. Michael Desvigne Of Cool Body Contours has something special for you. It’s called “InstaLift” and, it’s amazing. It’s non-surgical - and can take the place of much more expensive “cutting.” Instalift can give you the lift you’ve always wanted with practically no down time. “Good Morning America” did a complete story on this procedure. The highlight video is below. Take a look at it, then, read Dana’s story below. She’s our patient. Then, call or fill out the contact form below and ask for special pricing! You won’t be disappointed, 2017 is here - a new you. Insta Lift is just what the doctor ordered! For you!

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Patient Dana Loved Her InstaLift From Dr. Desvigne. Here is Her Story.

Q: Dana - you recently had an InstaLift with Dr. Desvigne. Tell us a little more.
Dana - I had been feeling less-and-less about myself and wanted to do something that would change that feeling.

Q: How long had you been thinking about doing something?
Dana - Several years.

Q: How did you come to doing InstaLift?
Dana - I knew some of the estheticians in Dr. Desvigne’s office. They told me he had just added this new procedure. Honestly, I didn’t want any kind of cutting - so, when I heard about this, I met with Dr. Desvigne.

Q: Again, you weren’t after any kind of surgery.
Dana - That’s right - as I say, I was not a candidate for a full facelift, but was a candidate for a face freshening. So, I met with Dr. Desvigne and got to know much more about “InstaLift. Dr. Desvigne told me - that even though he’s been a plastic surgeon for some time, that this procedure makes sense to many - who just don’t want, or don’t need - even a limited incision facelift.

Q: That makes total sense. InstaLift is exactly as it says - it lifts areas of your face and neck - to where it once was.
Dana - And, that’s what I was looking for.

Q: How long did the procedure take?
Dana - I was there about an hour or so, but the actual procedure - mine - took less than 30 minutes.

Q: What parts did you have done?
Dana - Upper face - mouth and jawline. The jawline is what bothered me the most.

Q: What was your reaction after Dr. Desvigne explained this to you? Before the procedure.
Dana - Non-surgical - I loved the idea that I wouldn’t be cut and swollen. I admit - had had a little doubt - but anybody would.

Q: And, you saw immediate results.
Dana - I did, but - it’s been about six weeks - and I keep seeing more results. The procedure plus nature - and the lift keeps getting better. I achieved what I set out to achieve. It’s all about expectations. Mine were met. And, like I said, it’s nice to know this can get better.

Q: Yes - Dr. Desvigne says this gets better with time.
Dana - And, that’s a great feeling. It’s like stopping, or slowing the clock down.

Q: And no doubt, reversing it.
Dana - It’s nice to know that - even six months from now, this will improve even more.

Q: What else can you tell us about the consultation?
Dana - I loved that you get a good sense of what’s going to improve, what’s going to happen, Dr. Desvigne was very collaborative. You know exactly what’s going to be done.

Q: After the procedure - then what?
Dana - Back to work the next day. I didn’t have to hide - or take for myself.

Q: Dana - Dr. Desvigne has the highest standards for his patients. Can we check back with you in a few months?
Dana - By all means - and thank you. When I wake up - I’m happy to look in the mirror.

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